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🍥NARUTO🍥 UNBOXING! Hidan w/ Jashin by Surge Studio Statue

Hidan with lord Jashin created by Surge Studio! Statue features both the normal and cursed form of Hidan and the studios interpretation of what Jashin would …

32 replies on “🍥NARUTO🍥 UNBOXING! Hidan w/ Jashin by Surge Studio Statue”

Yo u should put links to the studios website that's sell these statues and other sutudios man or does anyone got a link.if not guess I'm search it up but would like a link would resurre me or if they have the websites name.

I would love to see the statue of armored kurama against lava golem scene in boruto:naruto the movie… I love that scene and how much effort they put into that fight! 😍❤️

I can't believe they didn't use metalic paint for the blades.

Edit: Also the cursed one doesn't have that damn smirk on his face which is almost iconic for Hidan.

I mean normal statistics show that retention span recently drops significantly and intros become more annoying and slow viewership…
That being said.. I really liked it and thought it would be a cool show case..
But after hearing you ask the question, I realised I skipped through it.
Would think the presentation would be a lot cooler if that intro was really at the end, and what we got in the beginning was just a dark for shadowing..

I still think the intro was really cool, was a very good effort, but yes maybe something to be done later in the video

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