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2020 iPhone SE UNBOXING and SETUP!

The 2020 iPhone SE brings a ton value at $399 for the same internals as the iPhone 11 Pro. The design is dated, but there is a hardcore group of people that …

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I think the iPhone SE is a great entry way into the iOS/Apple ecosystem and they've put the A13 Bionic which is found on the MUCH pricier iPhone 11 Pro. The design is dated, but there are people that love smaller devices. What are your thoughts?

I'm still using my iPhone 6 Plus with IOS 12, it still runs great except now my battery is going on it, I live in Australia and over here you can get the iPhone SE 2020 for around $700, I really wanted the iPhone 11 Max Pro but it's like $2000 [ and I can't afford that right now ] but I'm super pumped to be able to pick up and finally have an updated iPhone in the SE 2020 this week, my iPhone 6 Plus is only 16gb so to have 128gb will be AMAZING. 🍏

I'm the type of guy who gets a new phone every year. I have the Note 10+ and iPhone X. My Android does a bunch of cool things. However, it falls short on some of the things that matter. I can't wait till the iPhone 12 comes out. Will make that my forever daily driver

Apple's got the fastest mobile chip in the world right now (A13). This $400 iPhone is faster than your most expensive flagship Android phone. Funny enough, Android fans like to get a good bargain on their devices. This is actually one of those times.