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2020 Nintendo Switch Lite UNBOXING!

Today we’re unboxing the Nintendo Switch LITE! You’ve probably heard about the regular Nintendo Switch, but have you heard about the Nintendo Switch Lite?

22 replies on “2020 Nintendo Switch Lite UNBOXING!”

This is an awesome alternative given it’s borderline impossible to get a new original switch for less than £500. For some reason the mass buying hasn’t targeted the lite model

I have a ps4 one thing is I can’t bring it outside like on car, house(like houses of my aunts,cousins). I love games tbh. My mom owns a nintendo before she loves it. I can’t just say ‘Can I get a nintendo’ they’d be like ‘you have a ps4’ not understanding my point so the only way is saving my money. I mean my pocket money every week when school starts and of course they lend some money so I’d be like ‘can u give me back my money? Or u can just buy me the nintendo switch lite’ Lol HAHAHAHA

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