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2020 Nintendo Switch UNBOXING!

I FINALLY got my hands on a Nintendo Switch! If you’ve ever wondered what all they hype is about for the Nintendo Switch and why a 2020 Nintendo Switch …

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Funny unboxing. I'm waiting for mine to arrive, though I gave in to the price gouging of a 3rd-party seller. Really hoping I get it all okay and experience my own unboxing; I got the grey joy-con version. The games I'm currently waiting on are the Borderlands games (1, 2, & Pre-Sequel, out later May last I saw), and The Outer Lands (on Switch in June, last I saw). I will NEVER sell my soul to the godforsaken wastelands of Animal Crossing lol

don't you worry it took me an hour to get ahold of one GameStop called 20 times and called many other places waiting in the parking lot for 2 hours it was HOT. my mom absolutely HATED ME

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