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2020 (RED) iPhone SE Unboxing & First Look!

The new iPhone SE is small but mighty: there’s a lot of good here, and I can’t wait to use it more. What a deal $399 is! iOS 13.4.2 update preview: …

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Thank you for shooting this video outdoors and using audio from outside. That brings life to those of us stuck inside and makes the whole video a lot less sterile than the vast majority of tech videos. Cheers from Rochester, NY!

I love my new SE but there's one issue im trying to find a solution to. I'm coming from a 6s and I used to 3D Touch to respond quickly to messages in my lock screen. How do I do this with Haptic Touch? I've tried everything, nothing happens when I "long press" and I do have the long press option on in settings, if anyone knows pls help!

Whoa watching and has a 11 pro. I watch anything the boy drops!!!

I think they should have bumped the price another $49. You made a very valid point. This is a sick price for Apple. I know all they want is subscriptions although they might be shouting themselves dropping such a cheap product. I’m obviously not a marketing genius so…

I can’t wait till Apple drops magnetic charger and no more lightning port

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