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2020 Vizio OLED TV With Killer Features | Unboxing, Setup & Demo

Today we take a look at the just launched brand new OLED TV from Vizio. It supports all HDR formats and has a 120Hz panel with 2 HDMI 2.1 ports. Today we …

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Not bad! I all ready have a LG C9. I’m very happy with it. I’m not looking for an OLED. However, if I was, I doubt that I would choose this. I’d rather stay with the people that made the damn panel in the first place. I’m just sayin’. Peace.

dude you got to understand you just took that TV out the box and set it up and plugged it in you didn't go into any settings or any of that stuff you have to go into the settings and set all that stuff up you just open it up took it out the box put the stand on it plugged it in and said hey folks look at this it's the Vizio's new OLED TV that's not how it work player if you going to take and do an unboxing and do a demonstration and showcase the TV make sure that you do a setup of the settings on the TV make sure all the settings on the TV that allows it to perform the way it's supposed to is set up before you do a showing of the TV those are things that you should have done before you know sit up there and put up this video because if I'm doing unboxing of a device I'm going to unbox it but then I'm going to go ahead and hurry up going to the settings real quick you know and do the setup of all the settings and make sure the TV or that device performs the way it's supposed to perform so when I send up that showing to the people I can say hey folks look make sure that when you get these devices you going to the settings you set up your options and the settings and everything is everything is cut on like it's supposed to go properly before you start using it because just opening up taking out the box to start using it things may not be set up the way it's supposed to you know it's just not the same thing with the phone same thing with a computer screen same thing with a laptop you have to go into the settings and make sure all the settings are set up properly the right way before you know give an actual proper you know demonstration and display of that product

I'm currently looking at the new 2020 70-inch LED for $649 on Best Buy…. has all the newest features the OLED model does, without the burn-in image retention issues. Cant wait to order it and hopefully get my pre-order in for the PS5!

With the new consoles coming out ive been thinking about updating my main TV and getting a little bit bigger and having OLED. I know it'll cost about 5 times as much as the TV I have now but I don't think I'll actually see a difference in graphics without an OLED, the colors look so much better on OLED TVs.

Great video, when I first saw the tv I was in love. Then the google ad sense terms came up. Had me leaning no. Once the no free-sync message came up I was done. Pass! Hope other tv manufacturers make oleds

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