an aesthetic unboxing of the new iphone se 2020 #withme | comparing with my iphone 7

read the description below and watch in 1080p!! (please ignore the typo in the video!!) taking an unconventional turn on the classic unboxing video. i know …

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Hi! I've had to remove a comment with the link of the printables for the following reasons:
1. The PDF I used is no longer available
2. The PDF linked was not the same one I used although by the same creator
3. while the printables are available for everyone to find, they're not my work and the creator has specific rules to follow. Therefore, I don't feel comfortable sharing the link, only redirecting people to their account.
4. The creator (2.5_km) also has a second account, kafei___ (3 underscores) with printables in the bio, but please check the "impt" highlight story on their account first, for rules for using the printables.

So I'm not finished with the entire video yet but so far loving it! Thinking about upgrading my phone for my birthday which is on the 28th (Nobody asked😂), I've wanted the XS for the longest time but also I'm looking into the SE and so far reallu considering that option too. Any opinions??💕

people are out here getting free iphone 11 pros (catholic high school) and I'm still with an ipod touch that I had to pay $300 for and if I want to get the new iphone SE, I have to save up for it by myself on top of trying to save up for a Spain trip so y'all better be grateful

I'm saving for this phone and I'm only student and also I don't have work but I saving 20usd per month so it will take longer to buy this iPhone
Since it's special edition how long will this iPhone sell in apple store?

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