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Awesome 94 Funny Gifts For Men That'll Make Him Laugh His Butt Off

<p>Guys will be guys, and with one of these funny gifts for men, the jokester in your group will have everyone laughing until they cry. This list of ludicrously hilarious <a href="" target="_blank">gifts for men</a> covers everything from <a href="" target="_blank">Father’s Day gifts</a> to <a href="" target="_blank">retirement gifts</a> to <a href="" target="_blank">stocking stuffers</a> to birthday gifts. Throw in a Christmas gift and you’ve got every moment of a man with a sense of humor covered. Not every present he unwraps has to be something seriously serious, help him put a smile on everyone’s face with funny gifts that he can haul out again and again. Some of the hilarious gag gifts for men are good clean fun that everyone can enjoy like a personalized face plastered all over a suitcase, and others are a little more NSFW, but all of them are guaranteed to produce a <a href="" target="_blank">good laugh</a> and be a hit as a <a href="" target="_blank">white elephant gift</a>. Admit it, you’ve still got a soft spot for bathroom humor, <a href="" target="_blank">beer belly jokes</a>, pranks and <a href="" target="_blank">gag gifts</a>. When you purchase one of these creative gift ideas and give it to a dude who knows how to deliver the punchline, it’ll be a gift that neither he nor you will be soon to forget.<br></p>

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