Dell XPS 15 9500 (2020) Unboxing and Initial Impressions!

Head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain! Today we’re unboxing the brand new Dell XPS 15 from …

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I think XPS 17 would be my first Windows laptop ever. Let's see what happens. But it seems unlikely that it would replace my MacBook Pro. Let's see. Can't wait for the XPS tho.

Nice reviews of the XPS. I am looking to buy one for mainly photoshop, CaptureOne use. I am thinking i7 and 16GB should be enough. Is upgrading ram myself fro 8GB to 32GB worth it? I haven't opened laptops before. Was looking at the 16" MBPs but the 32GB versions are too expensive. Not that the dell are cheap. What would you say. Thanks.

Can't really take your 'can it be used as your only video editing machine' seriously when it's the base spec model. If you were ordering one as a dedicated video editing rig, you'd go for a higher specced model

I agree that it looks great and specs are good too. But my greatest concern is is it durable or its like all other dell laptops🙄

I have the 9570 and it was amazing until a few months in and BOOM gaming performance plummeted. Cleaned the fans, redid the paste, reset to factory and still shit. Dell has horrible heat management that caps the computer so bad

If the carbon fiber kept in heat it would feel cold… I'm pretty new to researching laptops and it baffles me that everyone is concerned about cooling but then freaks out if the laptop feels warm or hot. That means the heat is escaping. The addition of insulation on some of these ultrabooks just further holds heat in. If it's that important to your comfort (on a lap, etc.), then so be it. But don't act like a cold laptop with hot exhaust is somehow better engineered than a laptop that is warm/hot everywhere.

Sorry bro, you lost me with that 15, to 13 comparison. Have you not researched the XPS 13 that many reviewers are considering to be one of the best 13” laptops? Look at the internals. The XPS 13 is a direct competitor to the MBP 13.