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EZVIZ C3X Review – Outdoor WiFi Camera – Unboxing, Features, Setup, Installation, Video Quality

Today, we are going to check out the newest outdoor WiFi Camera from EZVIZ and the first dual lens seen on a security camera. EZVIZ labeled this camera an …

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Lifehackster, I bought this cam… Really like it…..but:
When I set the sensitivity higher then 2… I get false alarm after fals alarm during night time? I discovered that when it is set to 2 …it works…. But then I miss the early detection. Do you have this same problem?

They continue to make the same failure of the LEDs not to make them invisible to the human eye and. They should use a HIKVISION COLOR VU type aperture OR LED 940NM.

are you able to also have a voice recording on a ring spotlight camera like you do on the EZVIZ C3X camera ? or is his a feature only available on the EZVIZ ? The reason i ask is because i am trying use it to scare deer away, they continue to eat my wifes roses, so i figured that if i had one right above the rose garden then the light would come on and i could record a voice to shoo them off!! please help! any suggestions. I have Ring camera's the Stick up, the Spotlight and a ring motion detector with a Smart Ring spotlight and Ring Smart Lighting Motion Sensor along with the Ring bridge. I preer to stay with the same brand and also use anything that does not require power, preferably battery power or solar as i dont want to have to run power to the area. Look forward to your input and help.

When it says: "color night vision, 0.005 lux", is it that the IR LEDs do not turn red? Please a video about this showing the night camera would clarify the issue for me

We bought 4 Wyze pan cams from your prior excellent review. We now consider these c3 models to supplement outdoors. Do they require external 120v power to run? Do they require paid subscription to operate and monitor when are away on weekends or on vacation. If so what are prices. We like Wyze pricing. But are not knowledgeable with c3 models. Plz inform us. Thx Robert

that high pitch beep is to get the attention of the crook breaking in.. it works.. you can also shut it off. ezviz is a cheaper version of the more expensive hikvison professional cameras. ezviz makes a 4k dvr system,, review that

do you know some camera : H 265, 4k battery operated , solar charge , wireless ??? i have a argus 2 with solar panel, but i need more resolution with great compress video ( H265) and better detection

Have another question for you I just purchased the ring spotlight battery and was wondering because I seen your video on the ring chime pro and wanted to know how you felt about the chime pro and did it work well for you.

Hey I know this has nothing to do with ring but I’ve been watching your videos for awhile now and I have the stick up cams gen 2 I was looking into turn all mine into Poe now that Poe u had in the link isn’t available what other one would you recommend

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