Harry Potter Unboxing | The Wizarding Trunk Special Edition: Headmasters

Sponsored by The Wizarding Trunk: http://www.thewizardingtrunk.com The year theme has ended. A new theme is coming. In between is THIS special edition …

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My favorite is Umbridges quill🖋 It looks so well made & I love the detail. Quills are my favorite type of harry potter merch because they make you feel like you’re a Hogwarts student🐍💚

Hi! My favorite item in this box is the Umbridge Quill. I've had a great experience with quill pens and I hope that I would win it. It gives me a certain jolt of nostalgia. I hope I would get the quill. Thanks. Love your videos 😊💕

My favourite Peter (thepottercollector) is the art of fawkes as phoenixes are my second favourite magical creature. I also like the quill and Voldemorts memory as I am starting a Harry Potter collection