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HUGE PR UNBOXING (you need to watch with snacks)

HUGE PR UNBOXING (you need to watch with snacks) Subscribe to my channel & hit the bell so you won’t miss new videos! After …

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Hello babes 🤪

Welcome back to another video hope yall are doing well the last few days we have left of "summer". 🥴
Make sure you guys keep watching the video for all the giveaways sprinkled throughout it. I'm going to announce the winners on my ig story @haileysani in 2 weeks!

Do you guys like PR unboxing videos?? LMK!!


My summer was honestly a pretty fun summer. I did a lot of staying home and staying alone with myself which I think definitely helped me with my introverted side. I am a social butterfly but it was very good to spend some time by myself and with my loved ones. 🙂

idkif you can send them to turkey but i guess trying won't hurt anybody

so this summer felt nothing like summer at all. i was studying for college exam in here 🙂 you know:) first they delayed it then they took it back so whatevs i got my university exam then my grandma died after my exam so i couldn't get all that exam stress out bc of funeral things and i felt stressed tfff outtt. exam's result were announced and i reached my goal then i applied for my goal university. i went to village with my family bc corona was fucked up in the city center. we stayed in village for 1 month and picked up hazelnuts. then im back home rn. i got into a college in Istanbul im starting to feel a lot better than my whole summer. I've been doing my skincare routine and i started studying too. so that was my boring summer hailey. you'll prob not gonna see this but i just wanted to open up about how i feel about it

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