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iPhone SE (2020) Unboxing!


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“iPhone se”
Why- I have a super old phone that is so slow and I don’t have the money to buy a new one the phone I have now was given by a friend I shouldn’t complain because so many people have less than me I do not need a new phone but a new one would be nice I would be more then thankful whoever wins I hope you enjoy it so much <3

"iPhone Se 2 giveaway "

Why:i have always wanted a iPhone since i was a little kid and i need one now but we can not afford it and it would mean the world to me and it would help my family out also so they could stop stressing over things and stuff and it would be really nice right now to get that and i get bullied for this so maybe if i get this i won't get bullied so i hope i can win and help my family to stop stressing and stop getting bullied so i really hope and pray i am the winner of this giveaway im just going to pray everyday so i can get this iPhone please pick me i hope so much that i win

I really like the white iphone se and I could buy it my own but this year its quarantine so I couldn't get 'duit raya' as other years and if I ask my parents too buy it for me the would say no even if I got good grades as always and I spend most of my money on them such as presents but they ain't spending some on me and now I regret it and I'm broke 😞

"Iphone SE 2020 giveaway"💜
Reason:I really wanted an iPhone Phone, and i didn't have any IPhone phone so i really want it. And i can't afford to buy an iPhone so if i win this giveaway it would really be a big help cause i really want to be a blogger and once i get successful I want to help other people in that live in the streets and grandma's and grandpa's that cant afford medicines, people that need food in the Philippines. And I Promise i will use it for good. And for a reason. ❤️😊

"If I would win this giveaway, it would be greatly appreciated, it would get me through this quarantine, not only that it could last me for years, it can also help with my studies and more. I'm the only one on our school without an alternate iPhone, mostly because my parents can't afford because of the high priced phones, this phone would last me for 4 and more years. I get jealous of people having iPhones while I'm stuck with my android, I was asking my parents if they could buy me an iPhone, but they refused because they said they don't have enough money because iPhones are expensives, I can't understand how some people have both the iPhone X and iPhone 11 at the same time, while i can't even afford an iPhone 6. If I would win this giveaway, I would be the happiest android user ever."

"Done" following you anywhere
"iphone se 2 giveaway entry"
Why me: First time in my life I have an iphone last year given by my company where Im working rn. Unfortunately they get it back because they are changing it to an android. Iam brokenhearted right now. From the fact I cant afford buying any iphone., so here I am begging to some youtuber who gives an iphone. God bless my journey. Amen.


"iPhone SE entry"
Why: i am currently using an iphone 5s for 6 years now and the screen is already cracked, the speaker doesn't work and the camera is not good anymore. I want a new phone but i couldn't afford to buy a new one. I really love watching your videos! If i win this giveaway i will be so so so happy and it would mean a lot to me 🙂

"Iphone se2 giveaway"
why : I wanted to give something to my mom bc no one cares about her and I only do. I'm not showy and I don't have money to change her keypad phone so I can just give this to her. so yeah just wishing tho. thanks anyways.

"Iphone SE 2nd Generation Give Away"
Why: I've been dreaming of having an Iphone phone since then but I am already 22 and not yet even achieve my dream. I hope you will make my dream come true🥺

"Iphone se 2 giveaway "
why: I really need a new phone because the current phone i have at the moment is starting to slow down and break down and i dont want to bother my mom for a new phone because shes my only parent and seems stressed enough with this pandemic. If i win the giveaway ill be so happy because id have saved my mom a lot of money and because i always enter giveaways but they always turn out to be fake. Thank you so much 💕💕

I’ve actually binged watch your iPhones “Still Worth It?” 2020 videos coz I was planning to get an older iphone, like the iPhone 7 or 8 one. I’ve also watched your iPhone SE videos even before Apple’s announcement and release. I’m really diggin onto this phone! Yes, its on the price-point but still, my budget is not enough to get one. Gladly, I’ve stumbled upon this unboxing video of yours and I might get lucky to have the chance to unbox my own. Thank you for the giveway!

ig/twitter: @zairetolentino

My reason is genuine please choose me in your giveaway. I'm from INDIA and I'm a small blogger and I need a better phone for my blog and photography , videos and there is nothing better than iphone. I'm a huge fan I know you will not listen to my request but then too I'm requesting that please give me iPhone SE 2for my better start. I wish you will read this sir , it's a handy smartphone and really need this SE 2 help me sir if you can.I always share, like, comment on your videos .

"IPhone SE"
Reason: I can't afford to buy a new phone, this phone that I am using now is the old phone of my big sister which she bought last 3 years ago. I just really want a new phone.

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