Big shoutout to Aqua Decor for sending us this beautiful 3D background for our saltwater aquarium! Use this link to get yourself one …

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The electric current is from a heater or filter that is going bad. As it gets worse it will kill all of your fish. Make sure to replace ASAP!
Just unplug each piece of equipment individually and have someone touch the water. Once the electric current is gone, the last thing you unplugged is what is going bad.

Barbs Buzzin I love your vids and they inspire me everyday this is why I’ve decided when I’m older I’m going to open an aquatic animal facility and a regular wild animal facility to save animals off the black web and from the wild so please just pin this and if not I really don’t care

You really shouldn't muck around and jump scare people around glass aquariums, bad for the animals and could be real bad if you go through the glass