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May 2020 The Original Boombox High-End Football Unboxing

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46 replies on “May 2020 The Original Boombox High-End Football Unboxing”

Nice Dalton card! I'm very excited that the Cowboys signed Andy Dalton. I cannot stand the Cowboys, however, I cannot stand that greedy dung pile named Dak Prescott even more. That mediocre QB turned down $105 million, so I hope they flat out cut him and he has to sign some low end deal. I'm so sick of these idiots thinking they are owed all this money. Way to go Dalton, take that job over and get that idiot cut!

Crappy box, I know they can’t be all hits, but damn my man got hit with some stinky packs. Same thing with me on a vault club box, says no lower end products and hobby packs from the last few years, to me few means 3-4 , I got packs from 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2 2018 packs, with one of them being hit draft, I’m pissed.

This is always a fun product to watch. It's interesting seeing what everyone gets! Never heard of the guy you got the auto of out of contenders, but one of those you hang onto just in case! Thanks for sharing!

I love the boombox I usually get the high end and platinum boombox every month but sadly I could not afford the may boxes but I was lucky enough to hit the kyler Murray ticket last month I was one spot away from the kyler Murray autograph speed helmet but I hit a hobby box of rookies and stars I'm not going to complain about that. Great video love what you do keep up the awesome content stay safe hope u and your family are doing well.

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