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Motorola Edge+ Unboxing: A New Flagship!

The Motorola Edge Plus is the newest flagship from Motorola featuring a 108MP camera, the Snapdragon 865, and even 90-degree edges to the OLED dispay!

30 replies on “Motorola Edge+ Unboxing: A New Flagship!”

90° edges = no go for me (i hate curved screens) oh i can turn edges off ? Then why have curved edges in the first place ? Accidental touches is bad enough but the killer is the glare these edges have , so annoying. Function over form for me.

Motorola Finally Stopped Being Technologically Constipated And Have Made Better Phones In The Last 2 Years [More Or Less]… ESPECIALLY This Lot…The Specs Are Absolutely Splendid… ESPECIALLY Bloody Humongous 6.67 Display~And Big Mac/Whopper Of A 5000mAh Battery…The Biggest Improvement I've Seen Yet…The Design Is Marvelous…I Like The Edge I'd Keep It Turned On…

Even if it has 1000TB , 200MP cam, 50 GHz speed it is useless for me… as a result it is a phone. We aren't gonna go to Mars with it 🙂 It is too big man, 6.3 inches are too much for pocket. As time passed by, phone's screen size is getting bigger. In 2000th it was total opposite. Companies were competing to produce smaller phones.

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