NEW SpaceBook MacBook Pro 2020 From A $25,000 Mystery Box (Ebay Unboxing)

NEW SpaceBook MacBook Pro 2020 From A $25000 Mystery Box (Ebay Unboxing) in this video we unbox a $25000 ebay mystery box which has the new …

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Ur unboxing vids are amazing I think I shld get the Mac book pro coz I don’t believe that utubers actually giveaway things so I wish I get it so I can rub off my misunderstanding…. tho I know I won’t get it but I’ll be positive

“MacBook entery “
Hello guys last week my macbook2016 that was taking with credit that I still paying
Yeah guys at the bus when it was inside my bag 👏🏻👏🏻 the guy/girl was a professional 😅
So if you can send me this amazing one with the tuch bar 😱🎁😱😱
It will be cool

"Mac book entry"
i would love to win because I think this just looks epic! I just grafuated from my school here is the Dominican Republic and im doing multiple online studies. i could really use a new laptop for my studies! because college student be poor i dont have the money to get one lol. God bless you guy and stray safe!
i liked and subbed

Mac book entry
Why: my father is working hard to buy me a 2nd hand laptop for my school purposes and we cant afford a new one, i need a laptop because the classes in our country will be online class and we are only using one phone in our fam i wish i am not late for this entry

I need it because I never had one and it be really nice to have one and I watch your videos all the time subscriber on all of them and I put that like button on all of them

I really need for my studies and projects for my future university. I never had a MacBook before.Unfortunately my family can't afford it. Thank you guys for this opportunity!