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New Technics?! SL-1200MK7R turntable unboxing

What’s in the turntable shaped box? You guessed it. Join along as Skratch Bastid opens for the very first time a NEW EDITION TECHNICS turntable – the …

42 replies on “New Technics?! SL-1200MK7R turntable unboxing”

Yo man solid turntable dammnnnnn. Btw do you have any old sl1200 that you can give me hehehe advance merry christmas idol i can cover the shipping fee hahahaha more power idol godbless youuuu. Yihaaaa

Technics has never made a truly HiFi turntable. There are basic bad-sounding mistakes in their designs.
– hollow tinny platters that "ring".
– mats that are too hard. (A better mat damps the platter & LP, far better)
– their constantly adjusting speed circuit deteriorates music.
– the tone arms are very inferior to better products for the same cost. Ugh. Tone arms need major internal vibration damping.
*Funk Firm has much much better sound. Levels better.
Technics TTs are durable & have DJ features. Too bad the thinking behind them is terrible.

Let's all be honest,with which one would you be more excited with a technics box of a brand new turntable or a vestax box with a brand new turntable?
Yeah yeah i know you can't have gifts from the deads,I'm just saying.

Enough of the Red Bull crap. We don’t need no pimped out, cheesy turntable features. The regular, industry standard SL-1200’s/1210’s are all we need. So come on, no more lame gimmicks or cheesy features!

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