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Oculus Quest 2 Setup, Unboxing & Tips

I show you how to setup the Oculus Quest 2. I also show you what comes in the Oculus Quest 2 box with a brief unboxing and some tips and tricks I’ve learnt with …

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Honestly Im kinda bummed out. Im probably gonna be returning my Quest 2 just because I cannot get into it. Having a 68.5 IPD and playing on ipd setting 3 constantly has the screen edge in my side view and it is killing me. Not to mention when I set down and realized that the Quest isn't even all that cheap. You have to get the Elite Strap 99% of the time which is 50, if you are PCVR you need the Link which is another 70, and that is not counting improving the audio. At this point it feels like the HP Reverb G2 is the better option for PCVR

I wear those cheap reading glasses from stores and also distance glasses for driving and watching TV. I set this headset up without using either of them and it was a bit blurry. I will try now to use the spacer and see if my glasses fit inside.

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