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OnePlus 8 Unboxing – is it worth the price?

This is the latest OnePlus 8 smartphone from Oneplus, powered packed with Snapdragon 865 octa core processor, triple camera setup, curved Fluid Amoled …

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Boycott Chinese product …..
Sir ji, I respect you very much, I watch videos made by you, but Boycott Chinese Product campaigns are going on in India like Lakin, because of that I will not watch your Chinese product videos in future, yes if you Indian or other country made product. I will see if I tell you about
Because boycott China product I am in campaign with India ……..
For this video 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

Boycott Chinese product…..
Sir ji, मैं आपकी बहुत respect करता हु, मैं आपके बनाये विडियो देखता हूं, लेक़िन जैसे भारत मे Boycott Chinese Product मुहिम चल रही हैं, उसके कारण मैं भविष्य में आपके Chinese product video नहीं देखूंगा, हा अगर आप Indian या other country made product के बारे में बताएंगे तो मैं देखूंगा,,
कियुकि boycott China product मुहिम में मैं भारत के साथ हु……..
इस विडियो के लिये 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

I know you're moving up in the tech YouTube world… But such lame excuses?
"Hath mai pakad k dekhoge toh acha lagta hai"
"Telephoto lens nhi hai farak nhi padta"
"Micro SD Card nhi hai"
"Headphone jack nhi hai"
I know companies use your quotes selling their products but logo ko bevkuf mat bnao kharidne k liye. 42K mai koi bhi phone loge hath mai acha lgta hai. Android users specially oneplus users don't want Apple or Pixel they want everything at this package. Just because company send you review units for free… Have some guts to say something negetive aspect also.. Har product hath mai aaya 4.5 ya 5 rating. Such sellout.

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