PAINTING WITHOUT PAINT? I Do it My Own Way! – ScrawlrBox Unboxing – Mystery Art Supplies

Hello! Today I open April’s ScrawlrBox and try out the supplies inside. Will I draw something cute and fluffy? Probably! •ScrawlrBox (affiliate link): …

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I love hearing your thoughts and opinions when you are testing art. I also love to hear your thought process behind the art making. Every little detail helps me when I try to do my own art or when I get stuck.

Those are both beautiful artworks! I actually really love the galaxy hair on the second piece. As for your question, I'll watch whatever you put out. Personally, I love the idea of a storytime video with art. 🙂

I'm really fond of watching you create art whether its with new supplies or ones which are your favourites. I like you going into detail as you do about your process – why you picked what you did and things like that and how you felt whilst doing the art as I find that interesting. I also wouldn't mind you discussing other things, though I'm mainly here to watch the art come together (its quite relaxing). I'm not however interested in spiritual healing or stuff like that as its something I really don't believe in at all and so I probably wouldn't want to watch any videos about that for the same reason I don't listen to religious stuff – to me its bullshit and based on nothing scientific or reasonable and it upsets me to see people fall for it and get false hope so I don't condone that sort of stuff being spread. So if you do choose to talk about it, I'd love that mentioned in the title, so I know to avoid that particular video and not give it views.

PLEASE talk about being self employed, I wouldn't know how to start and how that works and the more in depth you'd get in the video, the better! I'm so scared of accidenatlly doing something wrong with taxes etc. 🙂

I like the walk through the process of the illustration and materials, but it is nice sone storytelling. It is nice to watch the artist enjoy the process of creation, be it talking about the supplies/process or other subject. I like your voice (and accent). Keep up the good work!!!

People subscribe because they like what you do,so just do whatever you like I trust you will do well!! A you can switch between both if you really want to but just do! Your one of my favourite you tubers!

I think you can talk about anything that inspires you and that you are passionate about. Passion about something rubs off on people who are listening and watching and makes us, the viewer, excited too. Being relatable is definitely what attracts a bigger audience. It's a personal touch. Of course don't share if you're not comfortable and there will always be people who can't relate to something. As they old saying goes, "You can only please some of the people some of the time not all of the people all of the time". Love watching your videos. I find it fascinating to watch your process and see what you create. 🙂

Both types of videos sound great! I'd love some more art/conversation videos, but still with some of the set reviews. Although, as someone who doesn't draw myself, something like the former would be super awesome.

I really look forward to your videos. I do think it would be interesting for story time videos as well as doing your art with whatever supplies you want ☺️ The fox is adorable, by the way 😍

I think your videos are great! But if you want some extra variety I think you can try drawing and talking without a voice over, so in real time and just talk about anything that’s on your mind at the moment, but also about the art

I think the 2th painting is my favorite of yours ever! It is so freaking pretty. I love your videos like they are, but I for sure wouldn’t mind more chatty and personal videos, or just something to be creative to

I'm sorry for the late comment, but I love the idea of you having a storytime while you draw! As another HSP, I would appreciate your insights and stories about that, and everything else you mentioned!