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Quarantine Drone Review: DJI Mavic Air 2 Unboxing!

Unboxing and testing out the new DJI Mavic Air 2! More info and purchase: ▻ SUBSCRIBE FOR …

42 replies on “Quarantine Drone Review: DJI Mavic Air 2 Unboxing!”

like the video.. great just like all your videos.. but in this one one thing that stuck out the most. wait for it.. THE PINK SLIPPERS so cute.. also nice hole you made in the curtins good job. just messing around love the video keep them coming thank you so so much stay safe and have fun in these hard times we are going through and please keep smiling i just love seeing your smile

Ok. Gonna hit a couple of the latest posts and hope you see this. There's really no excuse at this point. Day 60 something of lock down. IJARMY left on read, on delivered, no just plain ghosted since September! 8 months! What's going on? Are you just going to ignore this group until everyone leaves? Or bank on everyone that is still in the group just forgetting they're a member and collecting the fee and providing nothing of value in return? There has been a ton of free time for everyone! You could have done a members only video chat or zoom meeting. Or a members only "come play some gameplay with me". A YouTube live just for us to see what you're up to. A weekly club meeting or chat! Which in turn might build your ijarmy membership. 🤬 Hundreds of ideas come to mind. Not cool Justine! You're better than this! Don't know why I'm bothering writing this you probably haven't read any of these posts since your insincere attempt at an apology then felt ok and justified when we were sympathetic 8 MONTHS AGO! Your sorrys dont mean 💩 if you continue to do what you're "sorry" for, thats not genuine. And…therefore your word isnt worth much, if anything. Your fans deserve better especially the ijArmy fans! Honestly I've watched less. You're turning into an infomercial. The disrespect for me and this b group o fyour biggest fans affected my decision to go to vlog university. Why should I spend thousands to go out there when I might not get what was promised? I haven't been given what was promised for $3.00 a month. Sadly and most disturbing is that I'm losing respect for you. And it hurts to say that more than you know. Because I think you're amazing. I have since August 2007. It's out of that deep respect that I've been trying to get you to pay attention to what you're doing. This is the last time I will mention this. I've been doing so every once in awhile since January. It's been falling on deaf ears and blind eyes.

Prop guards arn't included on DJI's photo for either the solo or fly more combo … it's not even shown in Justine's unboxing part. Guessing she bought/given them separately as an reviewer/influencer, or the ones from a previous mavic model works … which I'm unsure of due to the size difference between mavic models.

I like a lot of the features but I can't help but feel we were guinea pigs wish the enhanced WiFi on the MA MK1. The trade in values from DJI are ridiculously low as well.
Maybe when there are topside sensors on the next version, I’ll think about upgrading. I don't know.
On the positive, nice slo mo! 😎👍

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