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Redmi Note 9 – Review & Unboxing

This video is about Redmi Note 9 Smartphone. This video talks about Redmi Note 9 Unboxing Redmi Note 9 Review Redmi Note 9 Camera Test Redmi Note 9 …

48 replies on “Redmi Note 9 – Review & Unboxing”

Please save your money for other phone don't buy this i just bought this from their official outlet in Pakistan and it was totally disappointing literally the phone was lagging even while playing games even i downloaded headball 2…. a game of only 90 mb storage and it was laggnig and also in low light front camera works like a 3rd class vga camera….. i don't know for sure that if it was only problem in my unit but you can't take any chances if some of you had already bought it and working fine then consider yourself lucky otherwise big slap to xiaomi for producing such pathetic device

thanks for the video. about to buy tomorrow then saw your review. is the processor a major deal breaker? my use only for calls and WhatsApp. no games at all.

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