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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Unboxing & Hands On

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite at Amazon*: The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is a new mid-range tablet with an active stylus called …

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For 350$ redmi k20 or realme X2 gives way better specs. This tablet has only bigger which is also no comparison to their 4k display. And bigger battery. I really want to buy a tablet but comparing what tablet gives for price I really feel it's just loss of money. When will some company make bang for buck tablet, flagship tablet killer. I think reviewers should try to tell this message so that company takes some notice

I would like to ask you a question, anyone who can answer is welcome; my main use is to watch movies / internet so for this purpose better S5e or S6 Lite? Also, can the S5e and S6 Lite decode the HEVC / x265 10bit?

Thanks to anyone who spends a minute to shed some light on this.

Since s6 lite launched, i have been waiting for your unboxing and review.
But now Im confused between s5e and s6 lite. My purpose is both multimedia and s pen too.. Don't want to spend more on android tab and buy s6.

I own the Samsung galaxy Tab A since 2017 it still works great😃. I only use it for note taking and reading my soft copy study guides. It's not good anymore for gaming. It is starting to show signs of aging in a sense it's getting slow and choppy but I don't really game or do anything else with it other than just education purposes. For that it's fine.

Between the 5se screen and the s6 lite is there a major noticeable difference in text sharpness due to the higher resolution on 5se or is the difference mainly in the colour and saturation?

What kind of screen protection do you use? Can the pen somehow scratch the screen? I saw that you have the book cover, but you didn't say anything about the screen protection.

Got mine yesterday, sending it back. My Samsung S2 8 inch has a way better screen than this ….. with its horrible viewing angles, blurry motion and grey black levels. Samsung have made a poor decision putting TFT panel in this device, they should have reduced specs elsewhere to hit the price point.

Pre-ordered it today in blue. We also get the free cover (black only not matter which tablet color you buy) but it's fine because black will go perfect with the blue tablet version. I have the Note 9 with S-Pen and I have to tell you… this phone is not large enough haha. It's a phablet category but it really is for on-the-go stuff, at home I will appreciate the larger screen of the Tab. Looking forward to it. I love that price is sufficiently low because I'd never buy the Tab S6 for myself when I already have a high-end phone.

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