Sony A8 (A8H) OLED TV Unboxing + Picture Settings

We unbox the Sony A8 (also marketed as the Bravia A8H in the USA) 4K OLED TV, and go through the picture settings in the user menu of this 2020 television.

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hi mr Vincent, does pixel shift on a8g do harm to the screen?

and does it affect the image I'm watching or it just affects tv logo like cnn, hbo and other static contents?

I've been comparing the AH8 to the A9G and trying to wait for the A9H. I heard on another channel that their will be no A9 for the 2020 model year. Has anyone heard anything from any reliable source about this ?

Vincent would this be a big upgrade over my A8F? I love my A8F but looking at what this A8H comes with hardware wise is amazing with XRmotionflow for the very first time in their OLED series.

Hi,I hope you'll find time and tell us more about oled,as I'm sure many of us are thinking of going in that direction,but are affraid! I have an 55xf9005,and looking at a8h or xh9505.I would get the oled,but I'm not sure how ok it is in time,lets say 2 years.all tv stations have static elements,and I've read that even movies with black bars are not ok for oled,so what's the truth? Thank you for doing this,and I hope you'll compare a8h with xh9505 soon!

Interested in color accuracy, build quality/durability, and processing power. Going to pick up either a CX or the a9g. The latter of which, I assume, will be similar to this model.

This TV forces you to accept googles terms of services. It won’t let you skip it. This is outrageous, I don’t want anything to do with google, I bought a Sony TV, I didn’t buy a google TV…

Cmon Vincent, it's three OLED unboxings now. HZ1000, CX and now A8H. Waiting for the reviews man.

Vincent is probably have them all the lined up together and playing "Choose your character" on them

Vince! On sony XF90… local dimming high or local dimming medium is more accurate? I've been watching with local dimming on high but i have come across one of your video XH90 vs Q80T i believe where you mentioned "medium is the most accurate" if i recall. I just want to receive most accurate presentation and is dimming on high or on medium the more accurate one?