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Star Wars Dark Saber Unboxing ( Shadowblade Dark Saber )

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I ordered mine shortly after you and it came around when yours did… Im disappointed with how the light shines through the hilt. Contacting them they said thats normal. Watching two other videos on youtube i see the light shining through hilts aswell. The light that shines out of the hilt and acts like a flash light is also annoying… either way its a nice display piece.. id like to see how you painted yours and improved the blade!

I had this at one point. It's pretty cool but has some major flaws in the hilt. Where the two sides meet up at the hand guard, it's just held together with screws and some small metal plates underneath, so it wobbled whenever you swing it since the screws can never be tight enough. Someone really needs to find a way to machine a single piece for the hilt, if at all possible.

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