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I am STOKED for it to finally be fall, and Stitch Fix is helping me with a little closet refresh to usher in the new, crisp season. I was also just excited to find that …

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Are all their jeans $88 lately?? Lol. I just did my September unboxing too. I got a Lety n me also, but not “man” sweater! 😂 i just subscribed. Hoping we can support each other here on youtube. 👍🏻

Those jeans look perfect on you! 🤩
A friend and I are taking a girls trip to DFW area in a few weeks, what kind of weather should we expect for mid-October in Texas? Also, do you have any hidden gem suggestions that we should visit, or eat at😉, while we are there?

So glad you loved your box… I’ve been subscribed to them for two years and I’ve only purchased I think 5 items. Lately I just feel like it is such a miss.. I don’t feel heard at all..they keep sending me things I’ve specifically asked them not to send… still trying through. Love your personality and your videos, thank you!!

You got a great box! I love StitchFix but I had to update my sizing – I initially put small but for whatever reason everything was very big on me so I want to try another in the XS sizing. If anyone is curious, you can exchange sizes if it’s in stock at their warehouse which has been awesome for me!

Wow these were good. I kind of gave up on stitch fix quickly a few years ago after they gave me cut off like "daisy duke" shorts, and just nothing that I asked for after specifically telling them I was post baby and feeling a bit overweight and self conscious. It seems nice they have the thumbs up, thumbs down thing now. I might have to try again. I actually liked that green sweater haha, but understand why you didn't.

I’m also 5’2” and my last fix was full of petite sizes. I was so excited to finally get jeans and tops that fit me perfectly. Loved those jeans and the purse! You got a great fix!

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