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The $3300 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Unboxing: Thom Browne Edition

Here is the most expensive Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 available the Galaxy Z Fold 2 Thom Browne Edition. This is not a Galaxy Z Fold 2 Review but a Special …

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If you combine all the stuff inside that you can buy separately its around 2000$(phone)+500$(watch)+200$(buds live) your getting 2700$ already. And here you get 2 extra bands for watch & 2 extra phone cases & buds live case = all that is exclusive and nowhere to be found anyway. So this package actually seems to be pretty nicely priced.

That fancy case is for when you take your wife or your girlfriend to a classy and upscale restaurant. The whole time you'll be focusing on her. So there's no need to open and close the phone. Excellent Unboxing. 📱 👍 😊

If for someone 2k$ is not too much for a phone, why 3k$ is? I mean where do we draw the line on the sand,lol.
The Z fold 2 is obviously made for people who wanna flex to begin with. So,if they actually wanna do it properly and with style,should definitely go for this version.

$3300 for all that is a very satisfying deal. It's a very Korean thing to come with extra things or to have complimentary accessories come with as a set in the product you buy. But this buy is a pretty justified deal.

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