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These Are NOT NORMAL COLOR PENCILS – Smart Art Mystery Art Supply Unboxing – Draw With Me

Hi everyone! Today I try out the art supplies in the Smart Art September box Buy my art at Redbubble: 15% discount code: …

31 replies on “These Are NOT NORMAL COLOR PENCILS – Smart Art Mystery Art Supply Unboxing – Draw With Me”

Your witch is adorable! I can't draw a straight line, love the colors you used. I love metallics because I love bling.
I watch craft videos at night before sleep. When I craft it is usually quiet or my husband is watching tv. I prefer quiet and just doing the art.

I usally put you on in the background while I color, watercolor or diamond paint.
As you can not draw and speak at the same time. I can not draw and listen, at the same time. When I draw, I block out everything else. And the drawing have my full attention. It might be because I'm so new to it. Because I have no problem coloring or painting, with one eye on YouTube, a podcast or something else. But when it comes to drawing. It's hopeless.
I like how this box gives you a full set of colors. Not like many others, that only give you a few to test out. 😀
Thank you so much for showing us this box😁

I love your illustrations, they're wonderful and your colour choices are great. I'm not a big fan of metallics either but I do absolutely love the strathmore toned papers, they make a mixed media version of the different colour tones as well which I've used for gouache painting and holds up great.

Right now, I’m watching your video while recuperating from a knee replacement – my second in 5 months. I have been doodling a bit but for the concentration I need for “real” drawing projects, I need to wait till I’m done with pain and pain meds 😄 Can’t think too much right now!! But I love watching art videos to pass the time, and so I’m catching up with yours and other favorite artists. Bye, Happy Katt!

We are thrilled to hear that you enjoyed September's box Kattvalk! We also truly appreciate your honest feedback and we will do our best to meet any suggestions! I really enjoyed your art pieces in this video and how beautifully you made the colors pop within each other 😍 can't wait to see what you do with the next box, happy creating! 💜

Not sure if someone else has already mentioned it, but Strathmore also makes their toned gray and tan papers in a mixed media version which is 184 lbs. So, since you like the tone and texture, but want something thicker, it's probably worth checking out!

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