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46 replies on “UNBOXING A £1000 RETRO FOOTBALL SHIRTS MYSTERY BOX! *Amazing find!* Part 2/2”

Nothing to do with the kits. Just watching like all the actual away days. How in the hell do you not have like 10 times more subs than you do? I watch constant crap on screen that out-subs you by like 20 times. YouTube is brutal man. I love all your stuff mate.

I’d love that PSG kit. I actually don’t own any kits because I live in rural USA where football isn’t really big here. My Dad always told me growing up that football was a sport for babies and I believed him…until I watched it. I’m in love with all these classic clips on YouTube that I’ve never even heard of before. People like Cruyff, Eusebio, and Gullit are people who make me wish I’d been around the sport more. Love the vids and if I don’t win the kit I’ll go and buy one for sure.

Now a 2000 mystery box 🤣 That Hamburg shirt is soo cool! I'm sad that due to quarantine i can't go searching for shirts on charity shops and thrift stores, i miss it, but your videos keep me really entertained, keep it up mate! Cheers!

Hi there im new to the channel but ngl you look like W2S not in a bad way you can go and check his channel out you look exactly like him except from the hair but the face is the same.