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UnBoxing a Grow Tent – Mars Hydro review

Danny unboxes a Mars Hydro grow tent. He wants to see if it is possible to grow tomatoes in this tent. Mars hydro grow tent amazon links: US: …

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I have 2… One is 4×8 and our new one is 8×8… I like the big one best… Like a room inside… They really hold A LOT of water… I had a water hose break in it a couple months ago and it turned into a baby pool room… Hahahaha… I don't leave the hose in there anymore… It dries out great though… After a few weeks and a bunch of cleaning 😉

Very interested in seeing how well this works. At this point, I am agreeing with Wanda about dirt being the best. I am looking for land with water, your videos on that just made good sense. 💖

Look forward to seeing how that works! Instructions are one of my biggest pet peeves, especially looking for the version I can read. Maybe we could "repurpose" since there is shortage of toilet paper! You guys have fun.

I've grown cucumbers in one of those tents with LED lights during winter. You have to keep good airflow because mold and mildew will start growing in it without it. The heat will build up in them as well without airflow.

Mar's is a reputable company. A little pricey, takes up a lot of room but it would be an excellent way to grow tomatoes during the winter. Temp should be monitored frequently. Their targeted consumer has always been those that cultivate a plant I shall not name. 😉

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