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[Unboxing] Hot Toys "Age of Ultron"Deluxe Ver. Hulkbuster (Jackhammer &Veronica)Acs006

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28 replies on “[Unboxing] Hot Toys "Age of Ultron"Deluxe Ver. Hulkbuster (Jackhammer &Veronica)Acs006”

I have the mark 4 and mark 5, and got to admit if I had the budget to, I would have 1 of every models, even if the names is hot toys, thoses have nothing to do with a toys, the precision’s fit and finish, are astonishing, it’s a pure work of art, sure with the cheapest one of the bunch at around 300$/350$, and that every different movies they always change suits, to have all the Iron-Man demands that you have a hell of a budget but think of every MCU characters, and it’s more like a mortgage like a house you need. 😂😂😂
But their simply exquisite

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