Unboxing INDIANA: What It's Like Living in INDIANA

Do people in Indiana drive tractors to school? Does everyone here care about basketball? And do ALL Indiana people trespass during mushroom season?

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Your videos just got better Nick. Tonight my muscles ache because of this covid-19 thing, but I think I can make it. Thank you for the time and effort you put to make these videos. From Iran.

I lived in Marion and went to Marion High school 1988 and this place was at its end and jobs were collasping…Home of the general Motors Stamping plant..But the history here was bad and the hate was unbelievable. I moved and got the hell out for some years. Your right there are a lot of boring flatland hippocrypts, Might have been born here but my family is not from indiana. Oh yeah Marion was and still is a racial town…people say no but they use it as a weapon. Marion is a part of indiana that went bad somewhere…I lived it and I know alot about this area and the other areas of nearby towns…you forgot to mention jamesdean from fairmount, as well as jim morrison also that created garfield.

I love Indianapolis just cause the standard of living is affordable. Asides from that I wanna leave this state so badly, the winter weather is very depressing am technically depressed from October till March… I like life on the fast side not on the slow conservative lane it’s not my style. Good video

Pro tip- If you need to find your way out of a corn maze, put your hand on the right wall and follow that to the way out. – Evan from Indiana.

Big fans of your channel from
A town just outside London called Watford . I love seeing different places in America as I’m a huge fan of holidays away from the tourist spots . I fell in love with St. Louis and visit many times lol and people say why why why . Cheers my friend

I’m assuming you intentionally make yourself sound like an annoying baby? I’m actually not kidding about that, it makes sense. Say things in a irritating tone, but not too irritating, and you’ll get more comments. Makes you more $.